Look for a Trustworthy Construction Company

commercial general contractorYou may be asking yourself why on this page and on this site we are offering many good pointers to find a very good commercial construction company considering that from our website it is evident that we are providing commercial general contractor services ourselves.  This is answered at the bottom of this page under Where You Can Select a Good General Contractor.

How consumers search for services and products has changed greatly.  Not too long ago it was usual practice to look in the Yellow Pages book to find Toronto general contractors. Prudence needs to be exercised in our search for commercial construction companies. Like many other industries, some try this skilled craft thinking that they can produce quality construction and manage the myriad of project details without extensive training and mentoring. Some even try it without the proper tools and equipment and proper financing backing them.  The image of the construction industry has been affected because of the performance of some unprofessional contractors. Some are lured by the profit potential and end up frustrating their clients by juggling too much work at once and the work they do perform is not good quality. This site will help you find a great Toronto construction company if you put some effort into implementing these suggestions. Even if you don’t hire construction companies Toronto to do your new commercial construction, tenant improvement or tilt-up warehouse building, do find another high quality general contractor – it will be good for you and good for the construction business in the GTA. By the way, if we are too busy to perform the work for you on the timeline you need it done, then we will be glad to refer you to another quality builder in Toronto.

Look for a General Contractor that You Can Trust

Spending time to find the right construction company to do your commercial project in Toronto is well worth the time.  This is a major investment of your capital and the results of hiring a mediocre or shoddy builder can be very frustrating, stressful and expensive.  And sometimes even hard on your health. Often people had to fire someone and get a good company to fix the mess.  Also legal challenges can occur with the shady operators as they usually know the law and exploit it for their benefit even if you are in the right. There are excellent companies in the GTA so don’t hire someone until you find a good one even if you are in a time crunch.

Just like a bad company leaves a bad trail behind them, a good company leaves a positive trail because they take great effort to perform all aspects of their business with honesty and integrity.  They understand that if many people have gained their trust, they have something to show to prospects and don’t need to change their phone number and hide under a rock. These general contractors are trusted by everyone they deal with including their sub-trades, employees, suppliers, bank, insurance company, delivery people…everyone. They have great expertise in what they do.  They  properly manage their business and construction projects.  They hire top quality, skilled trades people who themselves are trusted in the industry because of the consistent performance of quality work. You can find many construction companies in the yellow pages or on the internet, but you need to do your digging after that. Find a company that you can trust with your investment for construction.  It will be a construction general manager that many others already trust.

Simple Tips Worth the Effort

You will want your construction company that you will give a contract to for your commercial work to at least pass on the following tests.

First, inspect that the company is a legal entity before you enter into a contract with it. If it fails in this test then run. This is one of the common areas that corrupt and fraudulent contractors fall short. You can have your lawyer check this for you quickly or you can check through the Canadian government registry for corporations or non-corporate entities.  If they have a provincially registered corporation, they are able to carry on business anywhere in the province of Ontario. If they are a federally incorporated company, ensure that they are legally able to operate in Ontario.

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

Next have them provide you with evidence that they have Workplace Safety & Insurance Board coverage on their workers. It is important you realize that if one of their workers is injured on your property and they don’t have the WSIB coverage, then you are liable. That doesn’t seem fair but that is the way the law works.  Check with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board that they do have proper coverage with the information they provide you.

Liability Insurance

Even the best construction companies can have an accident on a construction site.  This could mean substantial financial damage to partially completed work, neighbouring property, plumbing, electrical, gas lines or other things. A good builder will carry liability insurance for these types of mishaps.  Again, you can end up paying the costs if your general contractor does not carry the insurance.  You can see why it is not wise hiring questionable trades people and managers.

Check References and a Little More

For those people who at least ask and check the references given them by their prospective construction companies, they usually just check the ones that are given to them.  Realize that people don’t usually give you references that will say bad things about them.  Also most usually give a very limited variety type of references, maybe a few past clients. So it is a good idea to ask for a list of completed projects that they did in the past 4 or 5 years so that you can randomly pick the ones you would like to talk to.

find quality general contractorActually go to some of those projects to inspect the quality of work.  If you don’t know much about construction you might want to bring someone along who does.  Talk to the owners or manager of the business to get their feedback on the project. If you get the right person, ask them how the builder was on communications, project timeline, quality and ease of working with.  The information that they gave you regarding the type of work and projects they had done will be shown to be accurate or not after your visit with their clients.

Another wise thing to do is to go to one of their projects that are currently under construction. Talk to some of the trades and managers to get feedback on what the company is like.  It is surprising how open they are with information on what they think about the general contractor.  If they are well treated and paid promptly they will let you know.  Also if there are problems the workers usually will let you know quite a bit. Don’t make an incorrect assessment with just a little bit of information.  Also be aware of safety requirements of WSIB on the job site and adhere to them so you don’t make the site foreman nervous or angry. Put a hardhat on and any other appropriate gear.

Ask the prospective Toronto construction company for a list of suppliers.  They should have this ready anyways as they would supply this list to new suppliers or other types of businesses when they are setting up accounts or relationships.  The importance of this is that you can contact the suppliers and check on the credit worthiness of the general contractor.  How they treat and pay their suppliers speaks volumes as to their business dealings and trustworthiness.

Qualifications of the Company Workers and Sub-trades

By this point you will have a strong feeling of the quality of general contractor you are dealing with.  If you want some more assurance you can check into the quality of the trade workers the company employs as well as the sub-trades that it hires.  You want to know that the workers are credible and capable of the work. Quality commercial construction work will be done by qualified construction workers.You can ask the general contractor for documentation on certificates and training for some of the workers who will perform the new construction or renovation of your building. The workers must have the knowledge and training to perform the work and operation of the appropriate machines and equipment. The construction company should have this type of information in a file from the interview and hiring process.

Where You Can Select a Good General Contractor

You may be wondering why we have shared on this page and on this site many ideas and strategies to help you choose a good commercial construction company in the Greater Toronto Area, especially when we provide general contracting services ourselves.  This may seem even more strange when some of the things suggested for you to do in your due diligence would be things that may be tedious, time consuming and a little frustrating for potential companies to provide to you.  In fact many companies would not be able to provide this information or at least information that should be up to your standard of satisfaction in your search.  The simple reason is that we are pleased to provide these things to you because we practice general contracting for commercial construction in a manner that is to a very high standard and these items are fairly easy for us to provide to potential construction clients looking to get suitable answers to choose wisely on a good construction company in GTA. Without bragging, we have an excellent track record in producing quality projects at fair prices.  Our projects are built on time.  Our employees, sub-trades, suppliers and construction clients are open to talk to you as they all have good experiences in dealing with our construction services.  You know what it is like yourself when you finally find a company that provided you with excellence in the service or product that it provides. This kind of good experience is what you love to share with others.  You don’t need to rely on the advertisements that companies will put out as you don’t know if they are accurate information or not.  There is nothing like getting your information directly from the source and from sources that matter.  Not only are you free to talk to our past and present customers, you can also inspect some projects locally to see the quality of the work as well as the quality of business customers that we have.

We know that  when you don’t have the construction background, it can be a stressful process of uncertainty for you.  We also realize that this is a significant investment for your business not just in the construction cost but also how the finished product has the potential to hurt or help your business operations.  Call us today and we will be glad over a cup of coffee to walk you through how we will handle the many important project items and details, if you hire us, including many that you may not have even thought of.  We will show how we can handle these smoothly, efficiently while providing excellent feedback throughout the planning and construction phases. You will have total peace of mind and can focus on building your business.  Our many references and completed commercial projects will witness to this.